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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

The Trauma-Informed Yoga Training and Trauma-Informed Mindfulness Training are continuing education programs designed to enhance the skills of yoga teachers, yoga teachers in training, or meditation instructors. Qualified mental health therapists, psychotherapists and counsellors who have completed yoga teacher training or incorporate mindfulness in their work are also eligible to register.

Ideally, participants will have an active practice so that they can immediately apply the techniques and skills learned in the training. However, practitioners or therapists in training who do not have an existing practice are welcome to attend as part of their preparation to teach. Please note that therapists who do not have yoga teacher training or mindfulness training will not be instructed on how to teach yoga or mindfulness in the course of this training.

Attending the Trauma-Informed Yoga or Mindfulness Trainings does not ensure that all principles, techniques and skills taught will be appropriate for inclusion in your professional practice. Participants are responsible for operating within their professional scope of practice and for abiding by provincial, statewide or federal laws.

Eligibility criteria for the Advanced Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training is coming soon!

The trainers reserve the right to approve or discourage the participation of any student in their sole discretion and in accordance with their policies and the law.